Evagoras Lanitis


Evagoras K. Lanitis was born in Limassol on October 10th, 1921 and passed away on November 7th, 1992.

He was married to Kathleen McGougan in 1949, with whom he had four children: Costas, Platon, Marios and Isabella Lanitis.

He graduated from the Limassol Gymnasium in 1939. From 1945 till 1948, he studied at Cambridge University, from where he received his Β.Α Honours Degree in Law. In 1951, he received his Μ.Α. (Honours) in Law from the same university .

After his graduation from the University of Cambridge, Evagoras Lanitis undertook the position of managing director in the Lanitis Group - a business organisation which was founded in 1896 - and became its Chairman a few years later.

In 1952 he was appointed Consul of Holland in Cyprus and ended his service in 1991 as Consul General of the same country.

From the 8th of August 1974 till the 20th of January 1975 and under the extremely difficult circumstances due to the Turkish invasion, he was asked by Glafkos Klerides, the former President of Cyprus, to undertake the Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce.

For his accomplishments, he was honoured twice by the Queen of Holland, as well as by the Presidents of France Mr Jacque Chirac (1985), and François Miteran. He was also conferred honour by the Rotary International, by the Friends of the Cyprus Museum Association, by Nemessos and other local and international institutions.

Evagoras Lanitis was very well known not only for his successful business activity but also for his contribution to society. He undertook social and humanitarian activity by donating funds and supporting the areas of archaeology (archaeological excavations), medicine, education and culture.